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Peter G. Klein is a Research Fellow, Associate Editor of The Independent Review, and Member of the Board of Advisors of the Center on Culture and Civil Society at the Independent Institute.
Full Biography
Lobbying and the Financial Crisis
Health Care Quote of the Day
Bootlegger-and-Baptist Alert
Comparative Advantage in Fiction
Blinder: Keynesianism is Right, Because Keynesians Are Really Smart
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The Recession Is Your Fault
Laptop Bombardiers, circa 1942
Bootlegger-and-Baptist Alert, Reefer Madness Edition
Puritanism = Constructivism?
Frederic Bastiat, Call Your Office
Too Much Research
Not From The Onion: New Light Bulb Warning Labels
The TSA’s Double-Secret Probation List
The Inconvenient History of the State
When Krugman Was Good
Kauffman Economic Outlook
On the Term “Religion”
Boeing and the Higgs Effect
My Naivete
Broken-Window Alert
The MSM Rediscovers the Classics
The Bizarro World of Insider-Trading Regulation
America’s Militaristic Culture
Bastiat on “Cash for Clunkers”

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