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J. Huston McCulloch is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Finance at the Ohio State University, and Adjunct Professor of Economics, New York University.
Biography and other publications
Crowdsourced Redistricting
The Mullibuster Option
Filling the Federal Reserve Board Vacancies?
Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices?
Tax Reform for Investment Income
The Carbon Tax: Welfare Triangle, or Welfare Obelisk?
Adversarial Justice and Police Misconduct
Reining in the Fed
Campaign Donations: Freedom of Speech or of the Press?
The Double Faustian Minimum Wage Bargain of 2007
Krugman: “Why aren’t wages going up?”
Two Minimum Wage Fallacies
Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve
A Chance to End the Great Recession
Questions—and Answers—for Janet Yellen
The Defaults of 1933, 1862, … and 2013?
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Feddie Sue: What Should We Do with Them?
Balanced Budget Amendments, Good and Bad

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