The Inclusive LGBTQ Community?

Can’t we just accept people for who they are and celebrate our differences, rather than discriminating and ostracizing people who think and act differently from us?  Do we have to be intolerant to those who are different?

While many people are tolerant of those who think and act differently, one apparently intolerant group is the Charlotte Gay Pride organization that refused to allow a “Gays for Trump” float in their parade.

How much more can I say about this?  They are holding a parade to showcase their lifestyle that is very much out of the norm (not that there’s anything wrong with that) while at the same time being intolerant of the political inclinations of those who support the president.

I have to admire a group gutsy enough to say “Accept us for who we are, but don’t expect us to accept you for who you are.”

Randall G. Holcombe is Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and DeVoe Moore Professor of Economics at Florida State University. His Independent books include Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis (edited with Benjamin Powell); and Writing Off Ideas: Taxation, Foundations, and Philanthropy in America .
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