Recommended Reading: Challenge of Liberty Student Seminar

Recommended Reading: Challenge of Liberty Student Seminar
Colorado Springs, June 17–21 2013

Below you will find the reading for the summer seminar. To fully understand each lecture, you will want to at least look at all the preparatory readings. The supplemental readings are less necessary. See especially the Plato, Cochran, and Higgs items.

Monday: The Rise of Liberty



Plato and Thucydites: “Plato’s Ring in the Sudan

Bruce Benson: “Where Does Law Come From?

John Cochran: “Limits of Limited Government Mercantilism, the Unvanquished Foe of Liberty” (presentation and pdf)

Daron Acemoglu: “What Makes a Nation Rich? One Economist’s Big Answer



Jim Powell: “John Locke: Natural Right to Life, Liberty, and Property

Lysander Spooner: “Natural Law, or the Science of Justice


Tuesday: Economics Fundamentals



F.A. Hayek: “The Use of Knowledge in Society

Israel Kirzner: “Equilibrium versus Market Process

Ludwig von Mises: “The Market” (chapter XV from Human Action)

Frederic Bastiat: “The Broken Window

Roderick Long: “Praxeology: Who Needs It?” (pdf)



Tom DiLorenzo: “Trade and the Rise of Freedom

Frederich Hayek: “Competition as a Discovery Procedure


Wednesday: Interventionism




George Stigler: “The Theory of Economic Regulation” (pdf)

Ludwig von Mises: “The Market: Section 5: Competition”

Murray Rothbard: “What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Roger W. Garrison: Time and MoneyHayek and Keynes Powerpoints

John P. Cochran: “Capital-Based M acroeconomics: Recent Developments and Extensions of Austrian Business Cycle Theory

John P. Cochran: “A Crisis of Authority: Pierre Lemieux’s Somebody in Charge: A Solution to Recessions?

Peter Beottke: “Economic Calculation: The Austrian Contribution to Political Economy”



D.T. Armentano: “A Politically Incorrect Guide to Antitrust Policy” by D.T. Armentano

Frank Chodorov: “Taxation Is Robbery” by Frank Chodorov

David Theroux: “Robert Higgs on Why Government Is Prolonging the Economic Crisis,” The Beacon Blog, (March 17).


Thursday: Government Failure Today



Robert Higgs: “The Complex Path of Ideological Change” (video)

Crisis, Bigger Government, and Ideological Change

The Welfare State: Promising Protection in an Age of Anxiety

The Economics of the Great Society

Ralph Raico: “Marxist Dreams and Soviet Realities

Ludwig von Mises: The Weimar Republic And Its Collapse, Nazism as a World Problem

Frank Dikötter: “Mao’s Great Famine



Stephan Kinsella: “How Intellectual Property Hampers the Free Market

Walter Block: “A Libertarian Case for Free Immigration



Friday: The Future of Freedom



Robert Higgs: “The Great Contraction, 1929–33

Regime Uncertainty

Wartime Prosperity?

Horwitz and McPhillips: “The Reality of the Wartime Economy



David Theroux: “CS Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism

Anthony Gregory: “The Golden Age of Freedom Is Still Ahead

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