We Need More People Like Rais Bhuiyan in America

Blinded by rage after 9/11, Mark Anthony Stroman shot three men he thought were Arabs. In the process he murdered a Muslim from Pakistan and a Hindu immigrant from India. He also shot Rais Bhuiyan at close range, putting 38 pellets into his face, robbing Bhuiyan of sight in one eye. Now this victim, the type of man that so many Americans wish would just leave the country, taking their alien religion and culture with them, is petitioning to save Stroman’s life.

Very few men are capable of this type of pure mercy. When asked how he could work hard to prevent the execution of the man who did this to him, Bhuiyan said:

I was raised very well by my parents and teachers. They raised me with good morals and strong faith. They taught me to put yourself in others’ shoes. Even if they hurt you, don’t take revenge. Forgive them. Move on. It will bring something good to you and them. My Islamic faith teaches me this too.

Bless Rais Bhuiyan, whose merciful character is a model for all Americans. If only more of us had had this attitude after 9/11 and resisted the blood-lust of war, recognizing those terrorist attacks should not be blamed on religion or a national collective but rather the thirst for revenge against the U.S. for its very own long train of abuses against the Muslim world, thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of foreigners would still be alive today. Our economy might be doing well. Our national character would be much more admirable.

We need more people like Bhuiyan in this country, and less of the fear and hatred that make life uncomfortable for Arabs, Muslims, and others who stick out as being different from the modal stock of this nation. Thanks to Robert Higgs for the link.

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