Sweden’s Leftists Angered by Mario Vargas Llosa’s Nobel Prize in Literature

Left-wing critics in Sweden are incensed that the Swedish Academy has awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature to an ex-socialist. Jonah Norberg, a classical liberal writer from Sweden, explains in the online magazine spiked. Here’s an excerpt:

People who never voiced any concerns about the politics of other Nobel Prize winners – like Wisława Szymborska, who wrote poetic celebrations of Lenin and Stalin; Günter Grass, who praised Cuba’s dictatorship; Harold Pinter, who supported Slobodan Milošević; José Saramago, who purged anti-Stalinists from the revolutionary newspaper he edited – thought that the Swedish Academy had finally crossed a line. Mario Vargas Llosa’s politics apparently should have disqualified him from any prize considerations. He is after all a classical liberal in the tradition of John Locke and Adam Smith.

Norberg’s article is absorbing, incisive, and worth reading in its entirety.

Carl Close is Research Fellow and Senior Editor for The Independent Institute and Assistant Editor of The Independent Review and editor of The Lighthouse, The Independent Institute’s weekly e-mail newsletter.
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