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Democrats Push for National ID
Profile in Cowardice: Allah is Great! Die South Park Die!
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Making Sense on Ending the “Slavery Blame-Game”
Financial Reform: Bigger Government, for the Benefit of Special Interests
Robert Higgs Debates James Galbraith on Obamanomics
Freedom from Bad Academic Writing
The Fed’s Interest Rate Gamble
Property and Plunder, circa 2010
The Central Bank’s Powers Should Be Curtailed, Monetary Expert Argues
Did Goldman Sachs Foresee the Mortgage Collapse?
Property and Plunder: A Guest Post from Frederic Bastiat
Tax Day Tea Party
April 19: A Great Day to Distrust Government
Data Don’t Bleed
Defense Spending Is Much Greater than You Think
The Inconvenient History of the State
Should Teachers Have Tenure?
Robert Higgs’s Recent Interview by Libertad Digital (here in English)
Homeschooled Teens: Learn about Today’s Economy!
Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest Deadline Approaches
Census Inverted: No Representation Without Taxation?
Inflation: Our Cure for Debt
C.S. Lewis on the Welfare State: Dangers of Obamacare
The New Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons
ObamaCare will Make Employees and Employers Worse Off
General McChrystal’s Admission of Guilt
Declaration of Dependence: Self-Evident Truths for the New Age
Our Present Situation: Eight Haiku
It Is About Power and Fear
Anarchists for Big Government
The H1N1 Vaccine: An Example of Government Health Care
Tax Police and the Health Mandate: We Will, We Won’t, We Are Not Saying
Cure Voter Apathy: Let Them Vote “None of the Above”

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