Remember that great Cold War movie, “WarGames“? It portrays a young computer nerd who makes his way into a government computer and sets it on a course convincing top government officials that the end of the world is imminent. Based on the computer simulation playing out on their screens, which they believe reflects reality, the top brass cranks up the danger alarm to DefCon1 and sets out to unleash deadly global countermeasures. Finally, at the 11th hour, a scientist who had turned his back on the whole concept of such computer gaming convinces the government not to act—to wait and see that the end of the world is not reality; it is a computer simulation—and all is saved.

The plot is eerily similar to that coming to light from the Climate Research Unit’s hacked emails: advocates of global warming fed data into computers to model catastrophic events unfolding right before our eyes that demand immediate and draconian countermeasures.

Except, they’re just computer models.

Here is one such example of how actual temperature readings have been “enhanced”:

“Before”—raw temperature data from New Zealand:

“After”—the same data, adjusted for undisclosed reasons:

The accompanying story explains:

About half the adjustments actually created a warming trend where none existed; the other half greatly exaggerated existing warming. All the adjustments increased or even created a warming trend, with only one (Dunedin) going the other way and slightly reducing the original trend.

The shocking truth is that the oldest readings have been cranked way down and later readings artificially lifted to give a false impression of warming, as documented below. There is nothing in the station histories to warrant these adjustments and to date Dr. Salinger [the lead scientist] and NIWA [New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research] have not revealed why they did this.

Michael Mann’s famous “hockey stick,” used to great effect by well-known former politicians and other alarmists, employs similar “tricks,” as does the work of his colleagues—now all trying desperately to get us to believe that the term “trick” really means “scientific method.”

Now that it has been revealed that all of the raw data upon which all of these doomsaying models have been built have been thrown away, with our supposing to just “trust” that the manipulated data remaining has been manipulated correctly; and now that we’ve seen a dozen years of no warming that the scientists have admitted among themselves flies in the face of their models (“Hide the decline”), how about we finally stop playing ClimateGames, step down from DefCon1/Kyoto/Copenhagen, and play a nice game of chess?

Mary L. G. Theroux is Senior Vice President of the Independent Institute. Having received her A.B. in economics from Stanford University, she is Managing Director of Lightning Ventures, L.P., a San Francisco Bay Area investment firm, former Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Salvation Army of both San Francisco and Alameda County, and Vice President of the C.S. Lewis Society of California.
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