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Budget Crunches Supply Golden Opportunities for Governmental Reform
C.S. Lewis on the Evil and Corruption of Theocracy
Dad Was Right
If They Don’t Believe in Tracking Performance, Why Give Grades?
Judge Napolitano on Fox: Bush Is a Felon, Prosecute Him
Eco-Speak and “Green” Propaganda
Separation of Faith and State
Obama’s War on Charity
Those Pesky Tax Laws
Obama Circumvents Another Promise
Ted Rall on Obama’s Fake Change
Thoughts on AIG
When Is an Earmark Not an Earmark?
Obama Adopts Bush Position on Renditioning, State Secrets
Obama and the War on Terror
Obama Vows: No Torture
Fair Weather Friends of the Market
Cloture Rules: How Obama May Bring One-Party Rule to America
Jimmy Durante’s Ode to Roosevelt and the National Recovery Administration
Robert A. Taft and The Case Against NATO
Community Organizers and Politicians: Enemies of the Taxpayer
The Democrats Betray American Civil Liberties, Again

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