Tag: Medicaid
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Obamacare Tax Merry-Go-Round
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Medicaid’s Financing Merry-Go-Round
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What If More States Had Set Up Their Own Obamacare Exchanges?
Piketty’s Capital: IV
Obamacare’s Cost Is Down 8%, but That May Not Be Good News
Let’s Start a Tax Revolt with Our iPhones
Uninsured Patients Are 36 Percent More Likely To Get Medical Appointments Than Are Medicaid Patients
Medicaid Patients’ Access to Specialists Has Dropped Almost One-Fifth in Five Years
Can Obamacare Be Fixed? Part II
The Coming U.S. Government Default?
Take the Money and Run? GAO Reports Significant Dropping Out of Government Electronic Health Records Program
Health Spending on State and Local Government Workers Has Outpaced Medicaid Spending by 20 Percent
Coburn II
Least Surprising Health Research Result Ever: Medicaid Increases ER Use
Medicaid Expansion Means More ER Visits
Tattering the Safety Net
New Videos Slam Obamacare’s Lies
Why Do We Need a Health Insurance Mandate?
What Large Employers Are Doing

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