Tag: Healthcare
Two-Thirds of Patients’ Hospital Debts Are Unpaid
Traditional Medicare Is Disappearing Faster than Expected: Does It Matter?
Increasing Medicaid Dependency Does Not Reduce “Uncompensated” Care
What Is Driving Health Prices?
Marcus Welby, Where Are You? The Decline and Fall of House Calls
Peak Obamacare? We’re There
British National Health Service Stops Paying for Lifesaving Drugs
Health Services Make Up One-Fourth of August’s New Jobs
Health Spending Slows to a Less Alarming Pace
Game Developers Face Final Boss: The FDA
Bundled Payments, Barely Hatched, Go the Way of the Dodo
Victory for Free Speech in Medicine
Hospital Job Growth Up versus Other Health Jobs
FreedomFest Recap: Why Obamacare Stifles Healthcare Innovation
Medicaid’s Poverty Trap Illustrated
Love Gov: “Too Real”?
Will 11 Million Pay Obamacare’s Mandate Penalty?
Let’s Hope Arizona’s New Health Law Is Contagious
Government’s Burden on Young Americans
Ten States Join Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
Zeke Emanuel Hammers Obamacare Again
Health Jobs Outpace Soft Employment Report
What Happened to the Midwives? (Hint: Government)
41 Percent of Obamacare Silver Plans Have ‘Small’ or ‘Extra Small’ Networks
CBO: Repealing ACA Would Grow U.S. Economy; Reduce Number of Insured by 10 Million

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