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The New Economy’s New Key Indicators: Lobbying, DC Luxury Hotel Occupancy Up

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Federal Intervention Pits ‘Gets’ vs. ‘Get-Nots’” provides two new key indicators of just what drives the new, new economy: government largesse. Government spending as a share of the economy has climbed to levels not seen since World War II. The geyser of money has turned Washington into…
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Obama’s War on Charity

Those of us concerned with the voluntary sector are puzzled by the dichotomy between President Obama’s professed belief in the importance of the non-profit sector throughout his campaign, inauguration, and early administration, as in this statement: …the change that Americans are looking for will not come from government alone. There is a force for…
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Dennis Prager Interviews Robert Higgs

Syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager interviewed Bob Higgs on Feb. 24. In case you missed it, the lovely production staff sent me this file. After discussing Obama’s stimulus plan and dispelling myths surrounding wartime spending, Prager admits to wanting to fly to Louisiana just to hug Bob. Well worth a listen. [audio:2009_02_24_higgs_prager.mp3]

Arnold Should Return to Hollywood

When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor in 2003, his supporters touted his independence, outsider status, and inspiring life story as the quintessential American dream. His detractors mocked his inexperience, but he indeed stood as a great example of what was possible in America. This immigrant worked tirelessly and rose to the top in the…
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The Power of Numbers: Simplify, Simplify!

In this election cycle, I am encountering many more libertarian activists than usual, driven by Ron Paul’s “Revolution.” As the Revolution fizzles, those concerned with advancing the cause of liberty—Ron Paul fans or not—need to take stock of our “failure to communicate” (not a good thing as Cool Hand Luke found out). I have…
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