Tag: Global Warming
More “Green” Energy Cronyism and Corporate Welfare
If You Don’t First Succeed: Yet More Climate Alarmist Fraud?
Drink, Don’t Drive: How Obama’s Green Obsession Led me to Drink (and it’s good for the planet!)
Australian Government Climate Scientist: Carbon Warming Too Minor to Be Worth Worrying About
Robert Higgs Speaks on the U.S. Government’s Ethanol Scam
It’s Official: Environmentalism Is the New Religion
Nuclear Power and the State
The EPA and Corporate Welfare: More from the Climate-Government-Industrial Complex
C-SPAN to Air Independent Policy Forum: “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America”
SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Global Warming Suit
Al Gore Opposes Corn-Based Ethanol Subsidies
Top Physicists Protest the Corruption of Science
California Diesel Law Based on Gross Overestimate
More Bad News for Climate Alarmists: Ice Melt Is Lower and Its Cause Dates 20,000 Years Ago
Another Softball Climate Change Investigation
This Week in The Lighthouse: Obamacare, Renewable Energy, Ground Zero Mosque, Counterinsurgency Strategy
More on the Climate Government-Industrial Complex
This Week’s Lighthouse: Oil Spill, Cuba, Constitutions, Gaza
Does the Latest Climategate Investigation Exonerate the Scientists Involved?
Encouraging Roadblocks in the War on Oil
IPCC Insider Admits Climate Consensus Claim Was a Lie
Which End, if Any, Is Near?
What’s Wrong With This Global Warming Story?
Why a Stock Analyst Saw Through the “Hockey Stick” Hoax
The Green Police Are Here!

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