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I’m somewhat amused by the anti-Trump protests the nation has seen since Trump’s election.  He’s been a big talker, but as far as actually doing things, so far the only substantial thing he’s done was to try to implement his immigration ban.  While I understand why people oppose his immigration policies, for the most…
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Members of Congress Boycotting the Inauguration: What Are They Protesting?

As the inauguration of Donald Trump approaches, this article says “A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are boycotting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration,” and “Some members of Congress have said they will be protesting in Washington, D.C., and in their districts instead.”  What are they protesting? The article gives brief statements from 25 Democrats who…
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Students for Democratic Society?

I am the faculty advisor for the Florida State University Students for Liberty.  I am guessing that is the reason I received an email from the FSU Students for Democratic Society which says, in part: Anyone who has been following Donald Trump’s campaign has seen examples of Trump’s racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic, far-right ideology….
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Money in Politics

We’ve heard the complaints about how money influences politics, but the recent presidential election shows that money doesn’t always Trump voter preferences. Before the primary elections, Jeb Bush had raised far more money and received more support from major Republican figures than other Republicans in the race; yet he was one of the earlier…
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Entitlement Mentality?

I’m not sure what to think about the anti-Trump protests following the election.  If the protests occurred before the election (and there were some), I’d think the protesters were expressing their views that people should not vote for Trump or support his policies.  Now that he’s been elected, that decision is behind us, and…
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I Voted . . .

. . . and I don’t feel good about it. I’m writing this on election day, so I don’t know the outcome of the election. Clinton? Trump? The lesser of two evils is still evil. I conjecture that many people—even Clinton and Trump voters— see it this way, based on some casual evidence: I…
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The Last of Those Entertaining Presidential Debates

Watching the presidential debates is like watching the aftermath of an automobile accident.  You’ve all seen it: people holding up traffic as they gawk at the wreckage, trying to get a glimpse of someone else’s misfortune.  The presidential debates hold the same fascinating horror, except that the gawkers share in the misfortune. There’s something…
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Gary Johnson Finally Gets Some Media Attention

I am amazed at the lack of media attention Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for president, has received.  He’s polling at about 10%, and despite the huge negative perception many voters have of Clinton and Trump, the media rarely notes that Johnson is a relatively popular alternative. With much discussion throughout the political spectrum…
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When Should We Have to Present a Photo ID?

This article explains that a Federal Appeals Court recently struck down a requirement that voters in North Carolina must show a photo ID to vote.  I realize that this is a partisan issue and I’m not trying to make a partisan argument.  I’m just wondering when it is reasonable to be required to show…
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Spain Defeats the Extreme-Left Populists

Spain, the Eurozone’s fourth largest economy, has been without a real government since October, when the campaign for a general election kicked off. After an inconclusive result, the country was left in political limbo. That status will change soon due to last week’s elections, which produced a clearer outcome. Without an effective government, Spain…
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