Tag: Affordable Care Act
Despite Weak U.S. Employment Numbers Overall, Healthcare Jobs Continue Steady Climb
Needles of Panic? White House Fears Rejection of Boehner-Pelosi-Obama Medicare “Doc Fix”
Access to Health Care Unchanged after Obamacare’s First Year
This Doc Fix Is an Outrage
Are Health Plans That Cover Yoga the ‘Next Frontier’?
Obamacare Costs Are Shrinking – So Should Its Taxes
Senate Dems: Get Pregnant, Then Get Health Insurance
How Much of Federal Transfer Payments Are Obamacare Subsidies? More than You Think!
Health Spending Chews Through a Weak Economy
Why Hasn’t Medicare Advantage Collapsed?
“Site-Neutral” Medicare Payments: A Good Idea from President Obama’s Budget
Health Care Spending Is Up, Way Up
Medical-Device Excise Tax Kills Jobs, Obamacare Kills Much More
About That CBO Report Claiming Obamacare’s Costs Are Down 20 Percent…
Arkansas: Caving In or Standing Up to Obamacare?
Employers Who Dump Workers onto Medicaid: The New Corporate Welfare Queens?
The State of the Disunion
No Jobs Bump from Obamacare
Obamacare’s Effect on Uninsured Is Trivial
Medicaid Expansion Does Not Create Healthcare Jobs
Last week’s GDP Estimate Included a Massive Upward Revision in Health Spending
Obamacare Premiums Higher in States with ‘Active Purchaser’ Exchanges
Photo Explaining Obamacare’s Perverse Incentives Is Worth a Thousand Words
High Taxes, Lack of Federal Bailout Make Vermont Cancel Single-Payer Plan
CROmnibus and Cronyism for Blue Health Plans?

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