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New York Times Admits I’m Right about Government Failure, but . . . . A Cautionary Tale for Classical Liberals

Over at the New York Times Robb Mandelbaum notes how the Small Business Administration has caved to political pressures and once again made the definition of “small” business so broad as to include virtually every firm in the economy. This was a key theme of two books I wrote in 1996 and 2001, including…
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Classical Liberalism Is All in Our Heads? Responding to Paul Harvey on Race

In the current issue of Books & Culture, Professor Paul Harvey (not to be confused with the late radio icon) takes aim at my “imagined” (read: invented) tradition of classical liberalism on race. You can read his full review here. Harvey concedes that Race and Liberty in America rediscovers “understudied authors.” Then he quickly…
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Classical Liberalism and the Fight for Civil Rights

Over at Reason.com, Damon Root has a review of my new book Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader (University Press of Kentucky, in association with the Independent Institute). It is available here and here (Amazon is currently discounting). The softcover is priced for classroom adoption and general readership, and as blurb-writer Juan…
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The Bugaboo of Race: Does Skin Color Put Out Fires?

Fires don’t discriminate but fire departments do. While the flames of a house fire may not discriminate on the basis of skin color, New Haven, Connecticut’s fire department is making sure that those who risk their lives are dark or light-skinned in the “right” proportion, regardless of merit. After throwing out professional exam results…
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NAACP 100th Anniversary: Exploiting Color Instead of Erasing It

A brief opening from my piece at the web site for U.S. News & World Report: George Orwell famously wrote “who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” As the NAACP celebrates its 100th anniversary, its leaders present a past that squares with its present positions on racial…
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