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William F. Shughart II is Research Fellow and Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, the J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice at Utah State University, past President of the Southern Economic Association, and editor of the Independent book, Taxing Choice: The Predatory Politics of Fiscal Discrimination.
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Plain Brown Wrappers?
The Anachronistic 1979 Oil Export Ban
Net Neutrality: Pushing on Another Side of the Balloon
“Net Neutrality” Is an Oxymoron When Government Logs On
Gordon Tullock, R.I.P.
Airline Deregulation Act of 1978
Happy Birthday, Tea Party!
Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
Amazon’s “Dark Side” Is a Bright Spot for Workers and Consumers
Misplaced Outrage over the NCAA’s Decision to Reduce Sanctions on Penn State
Taking Offense at Every Word or Phrase?
Muckraker or Special Pleader?
Your Tax Dollars at Work at the Ex-Im Bank
Governmental “Reform” Is an Oxymoron
“Risky Business” in Climate Change Policy
The Veterans’ Administration Has Been a Disaster Since Its Inception
Is “Redskins” Offensive?
There He Goes Again!
Gary S. Becker, R.I.P.
“Pot” Holes?
More Government Intrusion
Explaining College Cost Inflation
Political Hustle by Fast Food Workers
The WSJ Mis-Characterizes Ray Bradbury’s Oeuvre
France and Greece Move Left

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