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Samuel R. Staley is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Managing Director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center in the College of Social Sciences at Florida State University. He is a contributing author to the Independent books, Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined and Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis.
Faith and Courage on Hacksaw Ridge
Rolling Stone Defamation Conviction Reveals Danger of Dogma When Addressing Campus Sexual Assault
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Vanderbilt, Stanford Rape Cases Show Need for New Approach to Campus Sexual Assault
The Stanford Sexual Assault Case and the Limits of the Incarceration State
Is a Dystopian World Closer Than We Think? Thoughts from Hiroshima
“Eye in the Sky” Confronts Complicated Ethics of Drone Warfare
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Title IX Privacy Ban Thwarts Campus Sexual Assault Policies
The Big Short’s Oscar Win and Capitalism in Film
The “Joy” of Entrepreneurship
How Lord Acton Trumps George Orwell in The Hunger Games
What “The Hunting Ground” Gets Right and Wrong About Campus Sexual Assault
Should Gone with the Wind Be Banned?

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