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Can the State Take Your Blood Without a Warrant?
Those Versatile Government-Issued EBT Cards
ObamaCare Litigation and the Christian’s Conscience
Hammers, Clubs, and Fists: Making Our Streets and Schools Safe
Escape to … Russia??
Roberts Was Influenced by the “Greenhouse Effect”
Limits on the taxing power?
ObamaCare Mandate Upheld: Those dirty, rotten taxes!
Peaceful Scottish Secession in the Works
State Interposition and Death Penalty Issue Brewing at SCOTUS
Bishops Sue Over Religious Liberty
Hate Crimes and Rutgers Webcam Case
Eric Holder Responds to Judge Jerry Smith
Does (or Should) SCOTUS Have the Final Word on the ObamaCare Statute?
Is the Court Engaging in Activism if It Strikes Down ObamaCare?
ObamaCare on the Ropes?
Colorado Supreme Court Strikes Down Campus Gun Ban
Class Action Abuse and the Movies
Federal District Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Restrictive Concealed-Carry Law
Virginia Interposes to Protect Citizens from NDAA
Pennsylvania Magistrate Dismisses Harassment Charges Against Muslim Defendant
State Attorneys General File Suit Challenging Contraception Subsidy
SCOTUS Stretches Probable Cause Standard to Find Qualified Immunity
Ninth Circuit, Gay Marriage, and the Rule of Judges
Berkeley College Republicans Draw Attention to Race-Based Admission Policies

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