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K. Lloyd Billingsley is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute and a columnist at The Daily Caller.
“We have clearance, Clarence.”

Top-secret security clearance retention should have Americans worried.

WaterFix Tunnels Deeper Hole for Taxpayers

Governor Brown’s legacy project will likely spike in cost.

¿Cuomo Esta?

Cuomo’s policy prescriptions won’t make American, or NYC, great.

Spy Case Confirms No Limit to Federal No-Fire Zone

More accountability is needed in the federal workforce.

Strike Three for DMV

Incompetent, unaccountable, and likely unreformable.

Dozy DMV Wants More Dollars

An audit of the DMV is needed before any more funding is approved.

Paying at the Pump 

The ban on self-service stations is an ill-guided attempt by government to create jobs.

Do California’s Homeless Need a New Cabinet-Level Position?

More bureaucracy won’t get people off of the streets.

Why Dozy DMV Is Dangerous

With Government-run agencies, inefficiencies abound.

Proposition 47 a Smashing Success for Criminals

Under Prop. 47, criminals find the reward greater than the risk.

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