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Archive for October, 2018
Will Justice Kavanaugh Roll Back Russian Influence?

Kavanaugh’s appointment sparks hope for rolling back the administrative state.

Trump’s Ethanol Plans Double Down on Bad Environmental Policy

If ethanol truly were a good substitute for gasoline, no mandate would be necessary.

Jerry Brown’s ATF

Governor Brown’s record leaves a dismal legacy.

FDA Still Hooked on Meddling in Nicotine Markets

FDA launches anti-vaping campaign.

Debt Trap Diplomacy

U.S. taxpayers to pay the price for countering China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

What Do Judges Maximize?

The power of ideological convictions in shaping political, social, and economic life.

The Return of Trillion Dollar Deficits

Federal Student Loan program driving national debt.

What Melania Trump Should Not Do on Her Trip to Africa

On her first international trip without her husband, the First Lady should focus on the African woman.

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