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Archive for August, 2018
Strike Three for DMV

Incompetent, unaccountable, and likely unreformable.

Dozy DMV Wants More Dollars

An audit of the DMV is needed before any more funding is approved.

Open Up Off-Label Drug Communication and Let the Market Work!

Off-label information policy reform works to broaden what information drug providers can share.

Paying at the Pump 

The ban on self-service stations is an ill-guided attempt by government to create jobs.

How to Better Control the Growth of Medicare Spending

Medicare coverage based on lifetime income rather than current.

Time to Stop Taxpayer Funding for Sports Stadiums

Reviewing the exploitive policy from a bottom-line perspective.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor Chronicles the Life of One of the Good Guys

A reminder of the fundamental goodness of human beings.

Political Capitalism

The real threat to free markets lies in the regulatory state.

Three Reasons To Be Optimistic about Pharmaceutical Policy

Right-to-try, MDMA, and Epidolex provide examples of the power of public opinion to change the scope of government.

Two Worlds—Politics and Everything Else

The blight of politics casts a shadow over daily life.

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