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Archive for August, 2018
“We have clearance, Clarence.”

Top-secret security clearance retention should have Americans worried.

The Truth about Turkey

Mounting debt and rising inflation are driving Turkey’s financial crisis.

National Employee Freedom Week

National effort to inform union members of their opt-out rights.

WaterFix Tunnels Deeper Hole for Taxpayers

Governor Brown’s legacy project will likely spike in cost.

Federal Bureaucrats Behaving Badly

Bureaucrats put their own interests ahead of those of regular Americans.

¿Cuomo Esta?

Cuomo’s policy prescriptions won’t make American, or NYC, great.

How Is President Trump’s Regulatory Rollback Coming Along?

The business of rolling back federal regulations is very much a work in progress.

Government-Pushed Ethanol Harms People, Environment

Unintended consequences abound when playing favorites with special interests.

Spy Case Confirms No Limit to Federal No-Fire Zone

More accountability is needed in the federal workforce.

Mining Regulations Hamper Access to America’s Own Rare Earth Metals and Minerals

Trump’s legislation will offset the regulatory barriers but will likely incite retaliation from our trading partners.

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