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Archive for July, 2018
Rearmed Pillage People Ride Again

CA’s Franchise Tax Board moves to extract alleged back taxes.

Feds Spend $3M to Find Out Why Clubbers Get Drunk and Aggressive

“Unobtrusive systematic observations” conducted by federal researchers at nightclubs.

Stockton, Chicago Money Giveaways a Guaranteed Bust 

Pseudo economics driving municipal bankruptcies across the U.S.

Two-way Trade in the “Same” Commodity

Government interference neglects the nuance of trade.

Lessons for California from Canada’s Killer Nurse Cover-Up

Strengthening the CA Nurses Association doesn’t strengthen patient protection.

Soccer Champions … and Immigrants

The World Cup offers an example of assimilation and cooperation.

U.S. Collects Record Tax Revenue, but Deficits Keep Piling Up

The entire increase in this year’s deficit is due to spending hikes.

Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Hidden Tolerance for Gay Rights

The law has limits to changing hearts and minds.

The Key to Kavanaugh: Rolling Back the Administrative State 

The administrative state poses the greatest threat to individual liberty.

Caltrans Signs Up for Waste

Misleading “Your Tax Dollars at Work” signs leave taxpayers perplexed.

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