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Cutting Out Corruption by Cutting Pay for Federal Execs

In 2016, a small agency within the U.S. Department of Energy proved that it could compete with the biggest bureaucratic waste scandals in Washington D.C.

Pope Francis Film Promotes Tolerance but Flawed Thinking on Poverty

Bodes well for an era of promoting tolerance but casts a shadow over the prospects for alleviating global poverty.

Drinking Water Tax the Last Straw for Californians?

California governor Jerry Brown wants to impose the state’s first-ever tax on drinking water.

Power to the Workers: Shut Down the Farm Labor Board

California’s Fifth District Court of Appeal has now demanded that the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board reveal the results of a 2013 decertification election at Gerawan Farms, a major grower in the central valley.

New Poll Suggests Lessons Teachers Unions Should Remember in November

A growing number of parents may be voting with their feet this fall by taking advantage of Arizona’s expansive educational choice programs.

Religious Liberty Wins at SCOTUS…Sort Of

This was the right result in this case, but the Court has done little to provide meaningful guidance as free exercise and free speech clash with public accommodation statutes making sexual orientation a protected classification.

“Hell to Pay” for Hurricane Death Statistics in Puerto Rico

Governor Rosselló bears unique and direct responsibility in the withholding of accurate statistics related to Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico from the public.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Entertains with Grounded Individualism

The newest contribution to the Star Wars film universe, Solo: A Star Wars Story, has a lot to offer libertarians, lovers of underdogs, and modern-day pirate enthusiasts.

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