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Archive for May, 2018
Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Imperialism

Cultural appropriation and cultural imperialism, valid issues or the result of a “victim mentality”?

Free Traders Should Be More Careful When Defending Trade Deficits

America’s trade deficit with China should not be viewed as “getting more for less.”

Why Have Gasoline Prices Risen Lately?

If you wonder why prices at the gas pump have been climbing recently and are expected to continue to climb, look no further than the sharp drop in crude oil production in Venezuela, the Saudi Arabia of the Americas.

Curing Diseases Is Sustainable, Government in Healthcare Is Not

While Americans have every reason to be concerned about their healthcare, the belief that private medical companies will not develop and produce products that cure various conditions is unwarranted.

The Republican Advantage That’s Easy to See but Nobody Notices

Does color, on a subconscious level, affect who we vote for?

On Coming to Grips with the Nature of the State

There is a critical disconnect between the ivory-tower conceptions and the reality of the modern state.

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