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Archive for April, 2018
U.S. War Making: What’s in It for You?

You pay for all of this endless death and destruction but you get less than nothing out of it.

Think Twice about Bringing Back U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

People purport to want to bring back jobs in factories.

Review: Ready Player One Entertains Using Fear of Tech Oligarchy

Ready Player One seems destined to become another Steven Spielberg classic, serving up a movie that appeals to a wide range of audiences with a solid story, well-crafted characters and engaging adventure from beginning to end. Along the way, viewers also get a good dose of ethics, with an emphasis on empowering the individual…
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Statism’s First Casualty Is the Truthful Use of Language

Behind virtually every government proposal, program, or project, we find a misuse of language.

FDA Cracks Down on Online Eye-Exam Company

This past October, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Opternative, a company specializing in providing online eye-exams.

The FDA Plans to Regulate Nicotine in Cigarettes

How likely are smokers to quit or cut back once nicotine levels decrease?

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