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Gov. Brown Invokes Religion to Open the Border, but Path to Faith-based Schools Remains Closed
Another Federal Mandate—Or, How I Misspent My Summer Vacation
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Technology Can Make the Regulatory State Obsolete
The War on Poverty and the War on Drugs
Muckraker or Special Pleader?
Sweatshops: Misunderstood Paths Out of Poverty
Ban Government—Not Sweets—in Schools to Combat Bureaucratic Obesity
Are Lawsuits Ending or Mending Teacher Tenure?
Obamacare Architect Warned That Tax Credits Would Be Available Only in States with Exchanges
A Hundred Years of War
More States Abandoning the Sinking Common Core Ship
A Hell of a Pinpoint Operation
How to Pay for the Next Sovaldi?
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Obamacare’s Tax Credits in Jeopardy
Your Tax Dollars at Work at the Ex-Im Bank
Gun Violence Is a Consequence of War
Households Finance Only 70 Percent of Their Own Consumption, Down from 93 Percent in 1959
“Prize-Grants” or Patents for Pharmaceutical Innovation?
Tech Companies Work to Tame Patent Trolls without Government Help
Health Spending Grew Slower in U.S. than in Other Developed Countries, 2007-2011 (but the Trend Won’t Last)
Reining in the Fed
Governmental “Reform” Is an Oxymoron
A “Smart-Growth” Revolt in California
Gun Control Encore? Someone Picked the Wrong . . .
NASA’s Children’s Climate Change Website, and the book 1984: Creating Spies One Child at a Time
Understanding Waiting Times for Health Care
Rags to Riches (to Rags Again)
Another Cover-Up? IRS and Social Security Administration Not Cooperating with Obamacare Fraud Investigation
Burgeoning Regulations Threaten Our Humanity
Do Private Prisons Make Financial Sense for States?
Why Hobby Lobby Is Not an Assault on Women
Ralph Nader’s Unstoppable

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